Author - SergioLeandro

House of Memories António Guterres

It opened on 02/01/2019 to the public the House of Memories António Guterres, in the Donas, in the county of Fundão. The museum gathers several pieces that were offered to the Secretary-General of the UN when he was prime minister. Guterres decided to donate the pieces to the land where he lived as a child. It is located in front of the house of the grandparents where in childhood spent many vacation days. It is in the old part of...

Chestnuts track

The "Castanheiros Route"  presents a set of landscapes unified by the presence and memory of the identity and emblematic tree of Fundão: the chestnut tree (Castanheiro). The tree "bread", for centuries rooted in the North slope of the Mountain forming one of the first national soutos. This species has been documented in Gardunha since the 13th century. It echoes in the tradition that King D. Dinis will have had reforested this green border of Cova da Beira.

Tourism and Nature BTT – CM Fundão

The BTT Center of Serra da Gardunha consists of 8 routes, with 4 difficulty levels, for a total of 250 km, with 2 routes of entry linked to each other. To the north, located next to the Camping of the Fundão, one has access to 4 routes of moderate to very difficult difficulties and, approximately 1,5km of this location, access to another with beginning and end in Aldeia de Joanes. To the south, along the Largo Egas Moniz, in Louriçal...

Rattles – Festival of Paths of Transhumance

The festival which celebrates the art of transhumance, the seasonal journeys of shepherds and flocks between mountains and plain, returns to Alpedrinha, Fundão. Known as Rattles, the festival is a popular festival, taking to the medieval village of Apedrinha various music groups and lots of entertainment, gastronomy, crafts and, of course, the art of shepherding.